Other Services

Media Buying

In addition to One Media owning its own media titles it has developed strong relationships with other media groups and has established preferential buying arrangements with these.

This means that if an integrated media schedule is needed we are strongly placed to plan, buy and deliver this.

This may include local and national newspapers, local and national magazine titles, website advertising by category, sector and general and supporting social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other streams.

A complete schedule for individual campaigns, areas or a complete annual media spend on a spreadsheet can be prepared and its implementation managed week by week by an expert account manager working on your behalf.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this approach a try.


Within the Group, we have a good deal of hands-on radio experience that means that we can advise on, plan and implement complete radio campaigns based on very keen cost per thousand rates negotiated with local radio groups.

We can assist with scheduling options to achieve the optimum opportunities to hear by selecting programmes, schedule placement, promotions and upweighted spot schedules to closely target the age and demographic of the ideal audience.

We work with you from the definition of the brief, writing the ad copy, getting the ad produced all the way through to its first airing – and after the campaign has been on air we will get a TX (transmission) schedule from the radio station showing when the ads have been aired to ensure that the campaign has been delivered as per contract.

We can also advise on promotions, competitions and other audience attraction campaigns to put your brand front of mind with any radio population across the UK – and also for national audiences using national radio campaign planning.


With the advent of local, regional and digital direct response television access to a finely honed and targeted television audience is now available to most brands at a fraction of the cost of TV campaigns a few years ago.

We can advise on the best way to do this using any or all of the channels – but always assembling clear audience data and the opportunities to see that has brought television into the arena of affordable and measurable media for campaigns that need to see good ROI.


We can use our excellent contacts in this area to plan, create and deliver outdoor campaigns that can include key poster sites that include popular shopping centres, high streets, railways stations, adshel sites (bus stops), motorway and trunk route 48 sheet sites, bus sides, underground stations and even taxi side panels.

If your audience is likely to see these, we can create a really hard working campaign to put your message in front of them.

Flyer Distribution

If you are planning a leaflet, flyer or brochure drop we can implement this for you using our existing roster of national, regional and local distributors on a solus, shared, Newshare or Royal Mail distribution basis. Because we already do a good deal of this ourselves we are in a strong position to negotiate very keen rates on your behalf.

An Agency function at a fraction of the price

All of the above means that we can provide a full integrated agency function for you will all the benefits of dealing with one contact and channeling your needs through the person – at a fraction of what it costs to employ an advertising or marketing agency.

There’s one way to find out whether it works – give it a try.

Please call to have an exploratory discussion with us and to join the dozens of clients who have already discovered a better way to manage their marketing.

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